Ulpan Ivrit-Rama Dalet – Hebrew intensive course towards C1 (CEFR)

Coordinator: Dr. Y. Hagbi (y.hagbi@uva.nl)

This intensive course consists of 80 hours of Hebrew and is taught annually, in January, during the winter vacation. The lessons are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


The aim of the course is to reach the end of Rama Dalet of the Israeli Ulpan System, which is equal to C1 level of the CEFR.

It is meant for students who have successfully completed 1.5 years of Hebrew at the UvA or have acquired the level of Rama Gimmel (B1 CEFR). The course is offered free of charge for all students. For further information please contact us.

The course focuses on the following:

  • Fluency:

An important aspect of this course is the opportunity to practice and improve interactive Hebrew; the students therefore take part in Hebrew conversations and presentations.

  • Vocabulary:

Expending their vocabulary, the students will be able to use appropriate synonymous words and phrases in different registers.

  • Reading comprehension:

The students read texts from different media, advanced literature, and academic sources.

  • Writing:

The students practice different types of writing fitting to different situations.

  • Grammar:

Aspects of grammar are discussed when arise is class.

  • Culture:

The students are given an outlook on Israeli culture in creative ways.


2006) עברית בדל”ת אמות, (ירושלים: אקדמון הוצאה לאור, אומלובסקי, בתיה ויונה וויס.

Details concerning price and payment will be sent via email, and the book distributed on the first lesson after payment.


  • At least 85% attendance and active participation in class.
  • Writing an academic essay in Hebrew (no less than 500 words).
  • Presentation (10 mins.).
  • Oral test on daily situations (5-10 mins.).
  • Final test – parallel to the official Rama Dalet test of the Israeli Ministry of Education.


    Pictures of the ceremonial closing day of the Ulpan of January 2019:


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