NAPH 2018 in Amsterdam: June 25-27!

We are proud to be hosting the annual National Association of Professors of Hebrew conference! 300 guests from all over the world, 250 speakers, three days of Hebrew here in Amsterdam!
For more details, including program and much more, go to the conference website:



Winter School in Jerusalem, January 2018 




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“Hebrew Day” at the University of Amsterdam!

The Israeli “Hebrew day” is on 21st of Tevet, which marks the birthday of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, considered to be the reviver of the Hebrew language.

On that day, this year, we have opened the second class of our Winter-Ulpan, the advanced Hebrew course.

We invite you to celebrate with us the final day of the Ulpan, our own department’s “Hebrew day”, which is starting to become a tradition.

The event will take place on Friday, February 2nd, 12:00 in room 5.19.

The program:

– Presentation in Hebrew of the graduates of the Ulpan.
– A short graduation ceremony.
– Israeli movie.
– Lunch.

All are invited!
Please let us know before January 30 whether you plan to come; notify Eldad Zion,

See you there and then!

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